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Your Consulting Solution to Adventure Riding and Travel in Latin America

Prices and Packages for Services Provided


Adventure Package - The best deal and most popular service . This is a complete package for your adventure with everything that you will need to have all the questions you have answered as well as all the consulting you'll need! 3.5+ hours, 24 hr emergency assistance and 1 hr of translation services before or during your trip. You'll be able to use your hours separately or all together within 6 months, whatever is most convenient for you. With this package we will throw in our 24 hr email/phone emergency support for a month at a very reduced price. It could save your life!


Adventure Riding, Overlanding and Backpacking - For those looking to travel North, Central  or South America by land vehicle or motorcycle. Have some quick questions, not sure about your route but have everything else sorted out? This the option for you to choose how long you'll be needing expert advice by the hour.


Translation Service - For those who need to properly communicate with people or entities in Latin America in Spanish or Portuguese. Shipping companies, hotels, mechanics, airports, tour excursions or other aspects of adventure riding or backpacking. We can translate an email for you or just get us on the phone with them and we'll do the rest. 


24 hr Emergency Support by Phone/Email - If you get stuck at border customs in any country have a medical emergency, or bike breaks down and don't know what to do or how to communicate with the locals or officials and need translation or just have questions and concerns about legal or medical issues during your trip at any moment, we will be there to help and get you through your situation. (please ask for more details)

Specials and Discounts
Adventure Package:   *Ask for Fee* = 3.5 hours of consulting + 1 hour of translating + 1 month of 24 hr Email/phone emergency support
Adventure Riding, Overlanding and Backpacking
  Price Per Hour = Ask for Fee* 
  Package #1:     2 hours = *Ask for Fee* USD  plus *Ask for Fee* per additional 1 hr
  Package #2:     3 hours =  *Ask for Fee*  plus *Ask for Fee* per additional 1 hr
 Translation Service
Price per Hour =  *Ask for Fee* USD
24 hr Emergency Support by Phone/Email
*Ask for Fee* per month

If you purchase a package you'll have the option to claim your hours all together or in various 1 hr sessions on different dates if you wish, the choice is yours. Spread out your consulting hour(s) before your departure, during your preparation or while your on your journey for help anytime you need it!

We provide our consulting and support through phone, skype(photo sharing capabilities) and email, but depending on your location we can even personally meet you or can schedule an appointment at our office located in Austin Texas.