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Your Consulting Solution to Adventure Riding and Travel in Latin America

Staff and Partners

We also have affiliates and staff all over Latin America we work with regularly that can assist you, including:

  • Boat Captains on hand that transport motorcycles and cargo from Panama to Colombia avoiding the Darien Gap
  • We have private investors and dealers throughout Latin America that are ready to purchase your bike when your done with it where ever you may be
  • Contacts at Kawasaki Dealerships in Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia and more that can get you parts and supplies
  • Need to attend to an emergency back home? We have contacts that can help you store your bike immediately 
  • Trusted mechanics in Peru, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina 
  • We have other adventure riders who are looking for travel partners down south we can connect you with
  • World Class Captains for Deep Sea Fishing Excusions in Baja Mexico
  • Cenote Cavern Scuba Diving in Yucatan Mexico - Instructor and Photographers
  • Motocross Club and Tours located in the Argentian Patagonia
  • And more!

Our Friends at Kawasaki in Quito Ecuador