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Your Consulting Solution to Adventure Riding and Travel in Latin America

     Questions We Can Answer For You:

Have you ever wondered how much an epic motorcycle trip from Alaska to Argentina in 8 months will cost doing it alone on a KLR 650 or BMW 1200GS, and what's the cheapest way to do it?

What's the shortest amount of time you'll need for it? And what to do with the bike when your done, how to sell or ship your bike in Peru or to Brazil? 

What dangerous areas in each Latin American country you should avoid? Which are have current political conflicts that will affect your travel.

Where, how and who can you can legally buy/sell your bike or who to ship it with and its costs.

What gear you'll definitely need, and which you can get away with not having.

How to deal with corrupt police, inevitable bribes and threats of impounding, and what to do if your caught bribing an official.

What GPS will benefit you more, or do you even need one? what bike, helmet, or panniers etc are the best for your journey, and where you can get them cheapest or have them made down south to save money.

How to spot fake bills, how and where to withdraw/carry/exchange your funds safely.

Who you should consider a friend or foe at border crossings and how to spot corrupt police and deal with them in each country accordingly.

What Spanish words will get you out of trouble and those you should avoid.

If you choose to cut corners on costs or routes, how and where you can do them safely.

Where you'll need to carry extra fuel and how much.

And much more.....

Shipping from Panama to Colombia over the Darien Gap, we'll guide you on the costs, how to do it and with whom


    Would You Like To Drive the Death Road in Bolivia?