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Your Consulting Solution to Adventure Riding and Travel in Latin America

"Alex Saved My Life...and Got Me Back to My Family!

I consulted with Alex about my 8 month motorcycle trip from Arizona to Argentina, I had so many unanswered questions about how to cross the Darien, what gear, how to ship the motorcycle etc. After speaking with Alex I knew I couldn't do this trip without him, so I hired his consulting services.

He planned every aspect of my trip according to my time frame and budget, outlined the most scenic routes showing me pictures of every place, prepared all my documentation before departure, shipped my moto from Panama to Colombia (even got me a discount!), sold my motorcycle in Peru and did all paperwork necessary to make it happen!

He coached me on border crossings, provided all the technical information I needed for each crossing, helped me choose a bike, organized my set up, gear and tools and even gave me his personal maps to use. His techniques, planning and preparation and devoted services to my journey saved me well in the thousands of dollars just like he said! This investment in your trip will be the best decision of your life, I wouldn't have never been able to cross all the borders I did or do this trip without his help.

If you ever plan a journey like this please talk with Alex, it'll be the best decision you'll ever make. He's extremely knowledgeable, professional and compassionate at what he does, and he will go above and beyond the call of duty to make your trip amazing, safe and unforgettable!

His emergency support saved my life when my appendix burst in Peru, he took control and worked with the broken medical system to get me the care that saved my life. My family will always be thankful to him and I owe him my life, something I'll never forget.

Thank you so very much Alex!

David Wermuth


David Wermuth Tempe Arizona  USA

(Consulted/Guided 8 month motorcycle trip from Arizona USA to Peru)

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"will be the best choice you'll make for your trip of a lifetime!"

I consulted with Alex about my 8 month motorcycle trip from Montana to Argentina with my buddy Nick. He was the best and most knowledge help I could have found. His own personal experience and expertise in all the unique and specialized areas of motorcycle travel through Latin America is incredible and unmatched by anyone I've ever met or read about on forums like advrider and elsewhere online.

He had answers to all my questions, even my hypothetical ones, emergency preparation and planning. I have a shoestring budget, and Alex was able to tell me exactly how much would be the minimum I needed to spend in each country and in what, where to find tires the right size for my bike, how long it would take me to reach each destination and country, where to find the cheapest hostels, cheapest gas, and, taught me the most important Spanish words and phrases I needed to know, prepared me for border crossings and documentation procedures and so much more!

Because Alex was so amazing at helping me, I had to only plan this trip 2 weeks before my departure, he made it incredibly easy to leave into Mexico and Latin America with all his help and facilitation.

If you plan a trip like this getting in touch with Alex will be the best choice you'll make for your trip of a lifetime! And he will save you so much money in tips and tricks that his services will pay itself off and then some! Thanks Alex for your incredible help!


Paul Mariani  - Mystic, Connecticut  USA

(Consulted for 7 Month motorcycle trip Montana USA to Argentina)

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"Alex’s extreme generosity and kindness were overwhelming...  best investment I could have made!"

Lewis and Clark wouldn’t have made it very far West if it wasn’t for Sacagawea, and I felt the same about Alex on my motorcycle trip from Minnesota to Argentina. Alex consulted with me over the phone about a year before I left on my journey, filling me with valuable professional advice and the confidence to take me all the way. He sent me personalized routes to take that included incredible spots I would have missed, gave me detailed help on how to cross the borders, told me the best way to cross the Darien, how to bribe cops, how to save thousands of dollars while traveling, and much more that I hadn’t even thought of. Being 21 and extremely cheap I was hesitant in paying for Alex’s services, but I can easily say now that they were the best investment I could have made and that they paid for themselves 10 fold.

When I left for my trip I ended up passing through Austin and sent Alex a message telling him I was in town for the night and that I would love to meet him in person. Not expecting to hear back from him under such short notice I was very pleasantly surprised to get a text from him not 10 minutes later. Alex ended up dropping his plans to take me out to a local spot to buy me a beer, answer any more questions that I had that had arisen since our last talk, and to help in any way he saw he could. He seemed almost as excited for my journey as I was. I had been riding the city bus and at the end of the night Alex even gave me a ride halfway across Austin to drop me off with some friends. Then he told me I could stop by his place the following day and he’d take a look at my bike (skipping his plans to go skydiving) and see if he could help further.

Of course, I stopped by on my way out of town the next day and was in shock when Alex, with out hesitating, gave me some of his own hard earned equipment. He switched out my cheap jacket, pants, and gloves for a much better set. He gave me a bag full of GoPro gear I needed, and gave me very valuable maintenance and packing pointers that I hadn’t thought of. Alex’s extreme generosity and kindness were overwhelming and I left with a big smile on my face and a touched heart. I am very grateful that I was able to meet such an amazing travel consultant and friend.

Thanks for everything Alex!


"Alex was my inspiration"

I’ve always dreamed of riding my motorcycle from the US to Mexico, Central and South America but I never thought my dream would ever come true. I wasn’t sure if it was safe to do and if I could do it. Then I found Alex’s blog and I followed him along on his trip. I loved his pictures and stories. He revived my dream.

I contacted Alex and asked him a lot of questions about his trip and my possible own. He had an answer to just about anything! So if you want to know something about Latin America, Alex is the guy to ask! My biggest question was: Can a woman on a motorcycle do a trip like this? His answer was: “Sure, you can do it!” and explained to me how to do it safely and efficiently. After consulting with him I started planning, and a friend of mine and I headed South in January. Destination: Panama and maybe even further South. We’re in Southern Mexico at the moment and it’s amazing here! So thanks Alex for the inspiration and help! You brought my dream back to life! Your pictures and your stories were my motivation and your consulting made my trip possible. Thank you!!


Alexandra Berger - Toronto, Canada

(Consulted for motorcycle trip from Canada to Panama)

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"such specialized help and support for this type of adventure travel"

Alex helped my ride from the USA to South America with my friend Paul.

He answered and provided me with help I could never get from just reading forums online or researching the internet endlessly. Instead of wasting your time on forums, get in contact with Alex so he can help get you to South America like us!

He made me feel capable and safe through my travels, something I was hesitant about before we chatted with him.

I think Alex is the only person who offers such specialized help and support for this type of adventure travel, and I am grateful to know that with his 24 hr support he is watching my back and helping me out as I make my way through the unknowns in Latin America whenever I need him.

I went with Alex's 24 hour support and translation services. So far they have been extraordinary to say the least, all my emails are replied to immediately, I have gotten a hold of him at all hours of the day during my time of most need, he's translated to people for me and is even getting me all set up for shipping my bike from Panama to Colombia.

Thanks for making our trip possible Alex!


Nicholas Soter - Salt Lake City, Utah  USA

(Consulted for 7 Month motorcycle trip to USA to Argentina)

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"It now seems difficult to imagine planning a venture without his help"

Don't hesitate for one moment to bring YourExpeditionSouth into your travel plans! The advice and information I was given completely enhanced and maximized my time abroad.


Every question I asked, he had an answer for... how to get to Oaxaca from Mexico D.F; where the best beaches are in the places I was to visit; how easy it is to move around Lima; my average daily expenses in the countries I was going to visit; what the journey from Uyuni to Lake Titicaca is like; options for alternative routes, cost savings and where it's worth it to spend a little extra and be safe.  Alex knows it all and was happy to share his knowledge in ways that were most suitable for me and my travel aims.  And to top it all off he helped me get my website and blog set up before I left!

I was assisted in my endless search to find the right flights and Alex knew how to take me where I wanted to go. He even furthered my travel plans by enabling a stopover and some precious, yet cost saving, time in Mexico. 

It now seems difficult to imagine planning a venture without his help (I know I received way more worth than any actual cost involved) but truthfully I am grateful for his assistance in becoming a better, more well prepared, enthusiastic, and savvy traveler than ever before.

Muchas gracias por la aventura Señor Alex, para siempre!!!


Jessica Cartwright Bozeman, Montana  USA

(Consulted on 2 month backpacking journey-Mexico/Peru/Bolivia)

(Be sure to see Jessica's Journey @


Maarten Naeff Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(Consulted for 1 year trip North, Central + South America)

"Alex gave me the tools, knowledge, and confidence to head south"

Alex has given me the knowledge but most importantly the confidence to do this trip on my own. I threw the idea to my friends to do this trip with me, but finding the funds and time for a trip like this isn’t easy. So I set out on my own, with a worried mind, a worried family and worried friends. Alex however was able to put everyone but most importantly myself at east and give me the tools, knowledge and confidence to head South.

I thank Alex for helping me prepare for this trip the best I can, to give me the knowledge on what to expect, to give me the confidence to ride alone across some of the most beautiful roads in the world and to give me an unforgettable experience full of unknowns which makes this such a unique trip.


"If I had to do it all over again he would be my first pick"

Alex and I started our trip together from Mexico.  It was completely by chance that we ended up finding each other but I am sure glad we did.  

Throughout all the adventures and encounters, Alex was always calm, confident knowledable and willing to take the lead.  His easy going demeanor and ability to get along with everyone belied the inner toughness that's required for being on the road in a foreign land.  Whether it was getting us through border crossings, negotiating something for nothing, repairing bikes on the side of the road, getting girls to talk to us or picking up a bike off the pavement, Alex was always leading the way with a smile.  Even the police couldn't get a bribe out of him!  If you want a guide who is both knowledgeable and a pleasure to travel with then Alex is your man.  If I had to do it all over again he would be my first pick.

Thanks for everything mate :)


Brett Marshall Bermuda UK

(Guided tour Mexico, Belize Guatemala and Honduras 4 Weeks)

"Everything was as accurate as he described!"

Alex was gracious enough to have all the maps and information prepared for me for our meeting for my trip to Peru and Bolivia. He provided me with amazing and very detailed descriptions of the possible options I would have to travel from city to city with the budget I provided. Everything was as accurate as he described! I am so glad I was able to find his help because my trip would not have been this stress free as I was on a huge time constraint. 

All in all, this was the best trip I've had thus far and his guidance had a big hand in that. I'll be going back to Alex for more help for my future trips in South America. 

Nancy Nguyen - Houston, Texas  USA

(Consulted for 2 week backpacking trip to Bolivia/Peru)

Calvin Wiley - Kentuky, USA

(Consulted/Guided 4 days in Argentinean Patagonia)

Carlos Gonzalez- Puebla, Mexico

(Consulted for 2 week tour through Central Mexico)

Matze Dietze- Germany

(Consulted for 2 weeks in Argentinean Patagonia and Central Amercia)

Alejandro Soto - San Josè , Costa Rica

(Personal Tour of Machu Pichu in Peru for 2 days)

"I never could have done it without him!"

Alex was a wonderful and knowledge help when I started my planning and during my 1 month South American journey. He booked my tickets, planned my itinerary and showed me the secret sights only the locals knew about all within my budget I had. I even hired him for a video production of my trip which came out amazing to say the least!

I would have never dared leave for South America if I hadn't of spoken with Alex first, I always thought it was too dangerous but he convinced me it wasn't. He showed me where to safely carry my money, areas to stay away from and travel safely in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. His consultation provided me with tools, tips and tricks I never thought of that kept me safe everywhere I went and facilitated my journey tremendously. So much in fact that I felt I had to do nothing, as everything was done and explained before my departure, I just enjoyed the sights happy and carefree!

It was the best trip of my life thanks to Alex! I never could have done it without him!


Lorena Salas


Lorena Salas - Texas, USA

(Guided tour Brazil, Argentina, Colombia 4 Weeks)

"prepárate para vivir una experiencia inolvidable"

Un viaje austero en motocicleta nunca había figurado en mi lista de pendientes hasta que conocí a Alex. Cuando me platico su aventura note que tenía un entendimiento del mundo más profundo que la mayoría de los jóvenes de su edad y descubrir esa aventura por mi cuenta me intrigó. Meses después, surgió la posibilidad de hacer un viaje con él y uno de sus clientes, así que me preparé y emprendí con ellos.

Vi sus mapas, las múltiples precauciones que toma, la planeación acertada que hace de los itinerarios y me quedó claro que sabe lo que hace y lo toma profesionalismo que merece. Cruzamos ríos en Chiapas, caminos de terracería en Oaxaca y kilómetros de carreteras inundadas en Tulum sin ningún problema. Las miles de horas que tiene de manejo y su personalidad precavida dan tanta confianza que perdí cualquier miedo.

Ahora que lo veo en retrospectiva, me atrevería a decir que todos deberían viajar en moto al menos una vez en la vida. Es un medio de trasporte que, como ningún otro, te conecta con el entorno. Pero es fundamental asesorarse profesionalmente con alguien que te advierta de los peligros, que te diga de los mejores lugares para visitar e incluso te informe sobre los tramites legales. Alex ya hizo el viaje más de una vez, por más de 50 países y honestamente no creo que haya nadie que conozca este asunto mejor que él.

Lo mejor que puedes hacer es contactarlo, planear tu viaje con él y si te es posible llévatelo como guía, será la mejor inversión de tu viaje.


Samantha Ortega - Oaxaca , Mexico

(Guided 3 week tour through Southern Mexico)

Find her at

"inspired me to the local señoritas"

Alex helped guide my journey through Costa Rica, informed me of the best sights, beaches and attractions. He was great and even inspired me to travel more and found me a motorcycle to drive for a day! He also guided me where to find and how to talk to the local señoritas. I'll definitely be going back to Costa Rica for some more fun thanks to Alex!



Frank - Connecticut  USA

(Guided and Consulted for Costa Rica 7 days)