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Your Consulting Solution to Adventure Riding and Travel in Latin America

We Can Get You Ready for the Road!

What's the Best Vehicle to Take?

Who Are We?

At YourExpeditionSouth, we are focused on consulting you on your future journey and providing the knowledge, tools and resources to serve your international traveling needs in Mexico, Central and South America, United States, Canada and Alaska either by motorcycle, Land Rover/over landing, bicycles or just backpacking/hitchhiking around. 

We do most of our consulting with clients on motorcycle travel and adventure riding that typically travel from the USA through Mexico and Central America and ending in Peru, Argentina and Brazil between, 1-8 month journeys, and we have the expertise and contacts in every country so that we can make it happen for you whether you decide to drive or trek!

We want to help you achieve the adventure of a lifetime while helping you keep safe and prepared for any situation. Whether you speak absolutely no Spanish, are visiting México on business for the weekend, taking your land rover and "over landing" the Bolivian Altiplano for 2 weeks, attempting to motocross the Inca Trail in Peru for first time in history, venturing from Alaska to Argentina by motorcycle, backpacking to Machu Pichu, or taking a tour by bicycle down to the "End of The World" in Argentina, throughour consulting we facilitate your journey on an individual basis according to your personal needs, riding ability, ideas, time frame and budget. We even provide 24 hr trilingual support through phone or email during your adventure for any situation you may encounter abroad including emergencies.

If you've just started your planning or are already on your trip, we can advise  you at any stage of your journey With the proper preparation and coaching anyone can travel safely and successfully in Latin America, let us be a part of your epic adventure!