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Unlike most travel agencies/ consultants, lonely planet guide, or Trip Advisor, what sets YourExpeditionSouth as the Premier Adventure Riding Travel Consultant for Latin America, not only are we the only ones, but it is that we have the hands on experience and expertise in this very specialized area of travel to consult you on issues like:


  • Are Family and Friends Worried About Your Journey and Safely? - If you have loved ones who are worried about your adventure, we'll show you how to keep them at ease and share your adventure through the power of the internet and 24 hr GPS tracking

  • Where and How to Sell Your Motorcycle - Countries where you can "legally" sell your bike, and people you can "legally" sell to, or the other way around

  • How to Cross Borders Successfully - How to prevent being taken advantage of from "handlers" at border crossings, who can hold your passport and documents hostage

  • Bribes and Corrupt Officials - How to deal with bribes and corrupt police and border officials (when it's safe to bribe and not). A typical mentality of "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" is a recurring theme in Latin America, we'll show you how to successfully deal with this.

  • Unnecessary Documentation - You'll get loads of people swarming you at border crossing selling you insurance and offering "handling" services, some will try to sell you unnecessary insurance, crossing toll fees, or fumigations charges you don't need, we'll have you prepared to know which are legitimate and required and the ones that aren't

  • Military Check Points -Apart from Border Officials and Police you will also be dealing with the local and national military at their own check points with different procedures and laws dictating their actions and powers to detain or arrest you with or without probably cause.

  • Documents Required in Each Country - Each country requires different papers to import or export your vehicle into or out of the country, we know exactly what you'll need for every country

  • Shipping to or from the Americas -We know how to get the cheapest rates, departure destinations and how long it will take either by air, land or sea, depending your final destination we'll advice you which you should choose

  • Find the Local Black Markets - We will teach you where to find the local black-market for goods and to find high currency exchange rates inaccessible to most tourists and travelers.

  • Where to Find Parts for Your Vehicle -Doesn't matter what you have, a Kawasaki, Yamaha, BMW, KTM, Land Rover, Land Cruiser etc. we can connect you with distributors that carry any parts you may need

  • Leaving Cash Deposits for Vehicle Import - Which countries require their own national insurance you have to purchase or have you leave a deposit in order to enter the country, which you later pick up after leaving

  • Who's Your Friend or Enemy at Border Crossings - We will teach you how to spot the people who you can trust and who you should avoid at check points and crossings and consider a threat

  • What Areas or Countries Should You Avoid? - What areas and countries you should avoid for your safety or due to recent political conflict and general hostility towards travelers and the "gringo".

  • Highways, Byways, Off roads, Trails and No Indicators - What routes are under construction and alternatives with majestic scenery unseen by your typical traveler as well those closed for construction or secret destinations not on any map

  • Dealing With Emergencies Back Home While You're Traveling - What if you have an emergency back home, where/what do you do with the bike and how do you get home? We can provide options and help

  • Mechanical Issues? -We can help diagnose most common motorcycle issues and problems before and during your journey, or find you someone who can fix it in most any Latin country

  • Want to Visit That Screen Saver Picture on Your Desktop? - We can guide you to unique trails and wonders seen only in magazines or desktop wallpapers, and other gems only a handful of people know about

  • Saving Money at Toll Booths and Roads - Show you how to save money by dodging expensive toll roads and highways. As well inform you which countries you don't have to pay or have special sections just for motorcycles, avoid paying when you don't need to!

  • Storing Your Motorcycle or Vehicle "legally" - If you need to store or container you vehicle, we can tell you how long you can "legally" or "not legally" keep it in a country and how to do it the other way if necessary

  • Afraid you'll get lost?  We'll show you how to use local signs, indicators, and local knowledge to guide your way out of anywhere or any situation, each country has its challenges

  • Avoid Tourist Gas Prices - We can advise you on where/how to get the cheapest gas in each country and avoid tourist fuel charges when they see your a tourist with a foreign vehicle they'll spot a mile away!

  • Not sure if that road on Google Maps exists? - If you've planned your route and have adventurous roads you'll like to traverse but not sure they exist or go anywhere, are passable, flooded or even safe? We can tell you!

  • What Hostels Will You Choose? - Well consult you the ones that have safe indoor motorcycle parking and ones we've used in the past that are an excellent price and safe

  • Lost items or Robbery - We can help you replace lost or stolen items in the country your in from GPS's to credit cards

  • Unforeseen Dangers - Did you know that some rural routes in Colombia and Ecuador have local militia military soldiers patrolling the road with rifles checking vehicles that are not government affiliated or have national laws governing their conduct? We'll show you where and how to deal with these vigilantes accordingly.

  • Don't Speak Spanish, We Can Translate for You While You're Traveling - Can't properly communicate with a shipping company or individual due to lack of Spanish/Portuguese, we can translate and communicate with them on your behalf through email or directly by phone during/before/ after your journey

  • Looking For a Travel Buddy or Companion - We can connect you will other riders who are traveling to the same places around the same time, you can plan and go together for safest. Or we can even find you other riders who are already in Latin America you can connect you with.

  • Political Conflicts and Weather - We can update you on changing weather and current political conflicts that will affect your journey

  • And More!



We also provide 24 hr trilingual support through phone or email during your adventure for any situation you may encounter abroad including emergencies. 

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